The Time Is Now For a New,

Modern Seekonk Library!

Join us in our campaign to build a new, modern Seekonk Library – a vital resource that will be the heart of our community.

More than just books, the Seekonk Library is a meeting place open to all. Classes, movies, performances, a safe place for kids after school as well as access to technology and resources; it’s a place of inclusion, connection, creation, and advancement.

Our library needs help. It can no longer meet our needs. There isn’t enough room for materials, technology, programming or community meetings, and there are no quiet study spaces. The building’s electrical and HVAC systems need to be replaced, its foundation is unstable and the roof, windows and siding leak. 

Thankfully the State has agreed to give us $7.3M, 30% of the cost to build a new library – if we agree to fund the rest.

We have a clear choice: Either build a new, modern library that will meet our needs for the next 50 years, or spend up to $12.5 million for repairs and upgrades to the existing building, (plus additional money to repair the foundation!) – all without any State help. In the end, we would still be left with a building that is far too small for our needs.

The time is now. To receive our construction grant from the State, we must vote to approve the building of our new library before January 9th.

A great town deserves a great library. Today’s libraries are about a new kind of literacy – one that helps us navigate, evaluate and communicate in the modern world. The 21st century learning environment requires a public library with the space and technology to offer these skills.

Let’s build a new, modern Seekonk Public Library–one that’s up to the challenges of the 21st century!

If You Support a New Library for Seekonk,