This is a quick guide to the many resources available to help you successfully engage with the fellow residents about the Seekonk Library New Building Initiative. In the column to the right, you can download our videos and graphics. Thank you for offering to help build a new, beautiful and modern library for our town.

Five Ways to Get Started

  • Social Media:
    • The first way is to simply go to the initiative social media sites and engage. “Like”, “Share”, “Engage” etc. with the online presence.  Spread the word and the excitement.
    • On-Line Petition:
      • Since you’re here, you’ve already signed up as a supporter. Please encourage your friends, family and neighbors in Seekonk to sign as well. The more people who sign up as supporters, the more people we can engage to champion the cause.
      • You can easily send the link to our advocacy site– –by email or share it on your social media. The key is to drive folks to the site to sign up as a supporter.
      • We also have a paper petition that you can carry with you. 
    • Virtual Phone Bank:
      • This is a really simple and fast strategy to call Seekonk registered voters and to gauge their level of support. If no – you just move on. If yes – a script walks you through a conversation.
      • If you are interested in signing up for the Virtual Phone Bank, please contact Martha Manno at
    • One to One Organizing and Outreach:
    • Write the Selectmen

We hope you enjoy working together to share the good news about what a new library means to the town of Seekonk. For less than a cup of coffee we can create a wonderful space for children’s programs, teens, adults and seniors; for entrepreneurs, job seekers, small business: a place to meet the changing and growing needs of the community and continue to provide the excellent programs and services patrons love.

For further information or to answer any questions, please contact:


Martha Manno

Virtual Phone Bank Coordinator

Steve Gendreau

One to One Outreach Coordinator

Irene Frechette

President, Friends of the Seekonk Public Library

Anne Miller

Chairperson, Seekonk Library Trust

New Building Graphics
Library Statistic Graphics